EN 9100, ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949 Certification

Quality management

Product quality has top priority for Eltec Technology:

It is our philosophy that the technical perfection of our products is reflected by a high customer's trust in our company.


The centre of our quality management is the permanent assignment to improve the quality of production and products.

Quality management

A dynamic quality management system guarantees, that the quality of our processes and procedures applied are checked continuously and thereby production is improved.

By a highly efficient quality management in all production plants, Eltec Technology ensures that only products are delivered with defined qualities.

In the course of a comprehensive quality planning, quality safe-guarding already begins with the choice of the proper components which are to be used.

Covering all manufacturing steps, a product - specific quality control is introduced, which already identifies the defects during production.

Specific test procedures as well as extensive final controls will guarantee the lasting quality of our products at the highest level.


We can guarantee to our customers, that the products made by us, correspond to the quality specifications and standards (MIL, UL, CSA, German Institute for Standardization DIN, EN, EIA - TIA) in every respect optimally and in long-term.

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