EN 9100, ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949 Certification

Innovative product design

Attractive design is apart from an efficient functionality and innovation, an important component in the field of equipment construction. At the same time, the pressure of time and costs is increasing during development, because the market expects innovations just-in-time in short and ever shorter intervals.

30 years of experience

Eltec Technology develops since more than 30 years technically excellent products for industry. Considering the unconventional character of Eltec Technology, to deal with the setting of tasks of the customer, leads logically to successful products designed by us in the relevant markets. Till today, there was hardly any problem, which could not be solved to the full content of our customers.

Interdisciplinary developing concept

We have developed an efficient methods to design a product which originates in narrow cooperation between designers, developers and product specialists starting from the first idea over tool construction up to the prototype manufacture ready to go into mass production.

Our interdisciplinary developing concept leads to a substantially better quality, with at the same time, considerably shorter developing times and development expenses.

A vertically built up service spectrum from development over prototyping up to production in our own factories, leads to an especially high quality of products and interesting savings.

Konstruktion von Prototypen Kabeltechnologie Spezialkabel, Sondergerätebau

Design and construction

But even if only partial achievements like design or construction as a service is required, our customers profit from the more comprehensive understanding and detailed know - how of our specialists.

Eltec Verwaltung und Spezialkabelfertigung