EN 9100, ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949 Certification

Efficient sample production

The highly flexible sample production of Eltec Technology supports new developments of our customers in an ideal way.Starting from the idea of a customer, we develop innovative products and deliver in a just-in-time the relevant sample sets.

Mechanics - Electrical system - Electronics

With our longstanding experience of our specialists, Eltec Technology exhibits a detailed knowledge in the fields of

  • mechanics
  • electrical systems
  • electronics.

That is why it is possible for us, to develop nearly for each setting of tasks, a prototype ready to go into mass productions.

Komplette Geräte mit allen mechanischen Teile, Kabelsätze, Gehäuse Mustergeräte, Prototypen, Serienteile

Special cable and tool building

Our worldwide business activity in the field of sample production is covering every kind of special cables and cable harnesses made of copper and fibreglass.

We make complete sets including all mechanical parts, cable looms, housings and electrical systems as well as the entire electronics.

The big advantage is, that our sample parts are made according the same process like the parts of the series of production to come.

The mechanical, electric and electronic behaviour of the sets can be transferred therefore from the sample set to one of the sets to be mass-produced.

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