EN 9100, ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949 Certification

Test & Analyse

Individual check

I-SO/TS 16 949 NormSo we can make sure, that not a single product leaves our manufacturing sites, that does not fit completely to all the demanded quality specifications.

Our system of quality checks already starts before manufacturing with a careful examination of all necessary components in the course of a detailed check on receipt of all the parts needed.

During the manufacturing process, partial controls recognise faulty products immediately.

Test standard automotive

Eltec Technology fulfils the high-class standards and test standards of the automotive industry. The ISO / TS 16 949 is exactly fulfilled by Eltec Technology, day by day.

This leads to the result, that every usual standard PPM - standard is met by us reliably.

After completion of our products, a final specific product control is made, by which every product is checked individually for his full functionality.

By taking cutting micrographs, we use our own, high-quality test equipment and we can show therefore the quality of our cables as well as of the soldering precisely.

Cable checks

To check the quality of our cables, we use the cable checking set " Horizon 1500 High Voltage Wiring Analyzer".

According to the given requirements, the checks and measurements is ranging from:

  • conductance
  • short circuit
  • isolation resistance
  • low-voltage or high voltage
  • high voltage up to 1,000 volts

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