EN 9100, ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949 Certification

Data systems technology in premium quality

Eltec Technology offers an extensive assortment of high-quality active and passive elements. At short notice, nearly all articles can be delivered by our company.

According to the today's requirements of complex networks, we exclusively produce premium products for famous brand manufacturers.

For network racks, we offer the concept and expert assembling.

They are produced with respect of :

  • stability
  • capacity
  • cooling
  • installation depths
  • cable managements
  • compatibility with standards.

Supported by a certified product management and a worldwide market observation by Eltec Technology, we offer only innovative products which exhibit an optimized value for money.

Individual advisory service

The Eltec Technology it has come along to offer not only technically high-quality and efficient hardware, but is offering in particular an advisory capacity, too.

Our employees with long-lasting know-how posses not only a comprehensive and a deep and detailed knowledge of our premium products, but in particular also have a distinctive know-how in the whole field of network planning.


To solve complicated problems, our specialists from that field discuss, if requested, network technology, too and find a solution on demand.

By narrow cross linking of the field of data technology and network technology, Eltec Technology offers to their customers advisory skills at the highest level.

Special cables and cable manufacture

Practice shows that in applications of every day, cables are demanded in special lengths, with varying connection assembling, in special qualities or with special damping values.

The regular commodity can not satisfy the varied specific requirements in most cases.

Eltec Technology is offering a highly specified cable manufacture of special cables of any demanded technical requirement and quality as well as the production of any existing plug connection according to customer specifications.

At short notice, in addition, we are ready to supply a special manufacturing in small numbers of pieces of copper cables or of fibreglass cables.

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