EN 9100, ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949 Certification


The demands of an efficient exchange of information as well as of communication grow rapidly in a global world. Telecommunication and electronic data transfer represent today a joint technique.

Eltec Technology is an integrated supplier of special systems. Our sect oral ITK-solutions cover extensively the numerous demands of a modern communication structure.

Because of offering a coordinated attendance and an individual service, numerous reputable companies, hotels and health institutions all over Germany are among our long-term customers.

Integrated systems

Eltec Technology offers individual solutions of IT and TC. Focus lies on a communication system ranging from the modern telephone system up to the IT-network (LAN).

Our sophisticated DeTeWe- and Ericsson -telephone systems integrate technologies like Voice over IP, SIP-telephoning, DECT over IP and WLAN and provide thereby the linking with IP -networks.

A on - site network of several branch facilities (CPBAX / PBX), even of different manufacturer, is guaranteed by Eltec Technology at any time.

Telefonanlagen DETWE Hotel, Pflegeheime Telefonanlagen

Trade solutions

Eltec Technologies offers special solutions for

  • hotels
  • hospitals
  • call-centres
  • homes foster
  • nursing homes
  • office-communications

Applications like Voicemail, coverage of phone data, direct dialling from Outlook (CTI / TAP) or automatic intervention and announcement services (attendant) ensure a customer &endash; oriented service. By intuitive attendance, they offer an efficient communication and contribute to the reduction of costs.

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