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Advantages of outsourcing

A production sift out shows a relevant incision in manufacturing and cost structure of a company which is afflicted with risks and chances.

Eltec Technology allows individual forms of the outsourcing to minimize possible risks by realisation of all advantages at the same time. In the centre stand flexible outsourcing concepts which orientate themselves exclusively by the requirements of the customers.

This concerns the form and depth of the foreign production, the production quantity well as the definition of an optimum manufacturing site.

The Eltec Technology outsourcing concept is flexible in view of the dosage form of outsourcing and can refer to partial components as well as to complete product lines.

Our different production locations allow the choice between small series or big series and allows to earn location-related cost advantages.

30 years of experience

Eltec Technology is already for more than 30 years a reliable partner of industry. An experienced team of specialists give advice competently on all possibilities and forms of production outsourcing and analyzes the values linked to it.


A close collaboration and our longstanding experience considerably contribute to the avoidance of organizational friction losses. The aimed saving potentials can thereby work effectively.

Improvement of quality

The competition pressure in many markets requires offering qualitatively high-quality and at the same time price attractive products. As a result of an exceedingly high specialisation degree, it is possible for Eltec Technology to suit to these requirements.

A relevant advantage of Eltec Technology Outsourcing Concept is the improvement of the product quality by concurrent reduction of the unit costs.

The high quality of our products is liable to a rigid high-class management. Through our worldwide distributed production locations, we can offer for every product an optimized price.

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