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Your advantage - flexible production

Efficient Outsourcing indicates for Eltec Technology to fulfil the requirements of our customers optimally.

In the point of view stands often lower unit cost, quicker processing time, adaptable loose dimensions or improved delivery times.

Eltec Technology has disposed flexible manufacturing sites which enable to fulfil nearly every customer wish and order in time.

The responsiveness of our customers is increased by a synchronous planning and reconcilement of own production with that of our customers, and their competitive position is considerably strengthened.

Receiving Cost advantages

The experience of many companies with a production outsourcing is only adequate in many cases. Attainable cost advantages are too often ruined by organizational inefficiency of the supplier as well as by asynchronous production planning.

Komplette Geräte mit allen mechanischen Teile, Kabelsätze, Gehäuse Mustergeräte, Prototypen, Serienteile

This does not apply with cooperation with Eltec Technology. Our more than 30-year-old experience in the area of the production outsourcing has done us to one of the first addresses in Germany.

An experienced team of production specialist and product specialist narrowly co-operates with the customers.

At the beginning of a collaboration an analysis stands with regard to the necessary requirements for a production outsourcing. A planning follows to the synchronisation of the production, the draught of an individual high-class management as well as the choice of an optimum production location under consideration of all logistic circumstances.

Based on the results of our analyses the Eltec Technology competence team develops an individual Outsourcing concept with the purpose to create unequivocal advantages in comparison to own production.

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