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Our development partners

High-performance connections for challenging applications

Verkehrstechnik Süd GmbH

Verkehrstechnik Süd GmbH

Our electrical partner in the railway sector

Verkehrstechnik Süd GmbH has a highly qualified team of engineers, business specialists, technicians and skilled workers with many years of experience in project management, production, assembly and commissioning of modern and innovative electrical systems as well as components for the rail vehicle industry.

Providing services to customers without any limitation in terms of their individual requirements is the main focus of Verkehrstechnik Süd GmbH.

Verkehrstechnik Süd eCharge GmbH

Verkehrstechnik Süd eCharge GmbH

Focused expertise in charging infrastructure for e-cars

VTS eCharge GmbH develops and manufactures innovative charging systems for e-cars. The high-performance AC and DC charging stations as well as the wallboxes are suitable for nearly all locations: from charging infrastructure in public areas to charging services for customers and employees to charging solutions in residential buildings or in private garages.

Depending on their requirements, customers can obtain everything from a single source - from hardware alone to a complete, customer-specific solution package. This ranges from consulting and project planning to installation, commissioning and maintenance. VTS eCharge also works together with partners from various sectors.

With its technically high-quality charging systems, the manufacturer continues the technological experience of Verkehrstechnik Süd GmbH, from which VTS eCharge was founded. This includes, among other things, expertise in the construction of very high-grade, environmentally resistant electronic components and devices, which also cover the high-current range. Likewise, expertise in grid connection in the low and medium voltage segment or in the use of "Green Energy" with the inclusion of electricity storage.