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Eltec Technology GmbH Wiring Harnesses

Wiring Harnesses

Wiring Harnesses

Perfectly assembled connection solutions from the professional

You have a product idea and need cabling for it? No problem. Together with you, we develop your connection solutions, procure the raw material, assemble connectors with individual wires and cables into complex cable harnesses. We then subject your products to careful final testing.

You already know your requirements? Then we will assemble your cables exactly according to your specifications. Quickly, safely and in the highest quality from a single source. For small series as well as for large quantities. The high level of standardization of our manufacturing processes reduces production costs. We make sure that as little space as possible is used for the cable harness. This reduces installation volume and weight, and installation takes less time. Our cable harnesses are particularly protected against influences such as vibrations, abrasion or the effects of the weather. Since Eltec Technology has access to numerous production processes for the cable harnesses, you benefit here from a very wide range of variants.

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