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Eltec Technology GmbH Testing Technology

Testing Technology

Testing Technology

One hundred percent testing along the complete process chain

One of the focal points of our quality strategy is a highly developed measuring and testing technology that is consistently applied throughout the entire process chain. We test every product one hundred percent. In the process, we check for occupancy and short circuits and test insulation resistance and high-voltage strength. The electrical tests are supplemented by further quality assurance measures. These include crimp force monitoring, micrograph analysis or pull-off force measurement, which are part of our QM system.
Special inspection and test procedures are often required for customized system solutions. You are also in good hands with us for such tasks. This can be individual measurements or the development of application-specific test procedures including functional tests and documentation.

Some examples:

  • EMC test
  • Salt spray test
  • Alternating bending test
  • Testing of complete assemblies
  • High voltage measurement up to 3500 volts

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