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Commercial Vehicles/ ­Buses

High-quality cabling for commercial vehicles and buses

Our know-how coupled with decades of experience contribute to our customers benefiting from particularly durable special cable systems. We thus fulfill requirements that meet the specifications of the bus and commercial vehicle industry, to which we also include manufacturers of special vehicles and cranes, to a particular degree. This also includes complex cabling systems that meet virtually any extreme requirement in terms of mechanical, thermal or chemical properties.

The focus of our range of services is the entire area of vehicle electrics. Here we offer both innovative cabling solutions for sub-areas and cabling for the complete vehicle.

Cabling solutions for buses
EN 9001 certified

We manufacture individually designed cable systems for:

  • Commercial vehicles
  • Construction vehicles
  • Special vehicles
  • Buses (see below)
  • Cranes

Examples for application areas

  • Drag chains
  • Multiple hybrid cables
  • Special cables with strain relief
  • Waterproof wiring systems
  • Chemical resistant cable systems
  • Braided cable harnesses up to 20 meters in length
  • Plastic molded branches
  • Trailer wiring
  • Loading lift wiring
  • Motor connection cables

Cables for buses according to UN/ECE R118

We manufacture individual cabling systems especially for use in buses that meet the specifications for particularly high fire protection. Fire behavior is defined by the internationally agreed technical regulation UN/ECE-R 118. Fire safety here is fundamentally closely linked to the materials used, which is why the special cables for buses are halogen-free. They also meet the flame retardancy requirements of ISO 6722 and conform to the manufacturer's specifications with regard to mechanical, thermal and chemical requirements.

Our product range for cables according to UN/ECE-R 118:

  • Single wires
  • Control cables
  • Jacketed cables
  • Data cables
Cabling solutions for buses