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Military Technology

Absolute reliability even under extreme conditions

In the field of technology consulting and manufacturing of particularly high-quality cable systems, Eltec Technology has enjoyed an excellent reputation for decades. This has contributed to the fact that many well-known manufacturers of military technology are also among our customers.
Due to their quality and reliability even under extreme conditions, our cable harnesses, cabling systems and assemblies are used in combat aircraft as well as in ships, missiles and many other applications.

The use of selected materials and state-of-the-art production technology, such as fully automatic, process-monitored crimping or the use of special braiding processes, results in cable solutions that are

  • absolutely waterproof,
  • one hundred percent gas-tight,
  • radiation resistant (EMC protection),
  • resistant to UV radiation and
  • are resistant to chemical, thermal and mechanical effects.

In addition, a high degree of strain relief is ensured at the plug connections.

Wiring for military technology
EN 9100 certified

Examples of application areas:

  • Combat aircraft
  • Ships
  • Missile
  • Defense Systems
  • Radar systems
  • Navigation aids
  • Firing simulators
  • Test cabling