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Eltec Technology GmbH Special Cable

Special Cable

Special Cable

Special challenges are our specialty

Your areas of application are extremely special? Eltec Technology has many years of experience in the production of special cables. We develop and manufacture the right cable for you for every task. For example, a thin, flexible CAN-BUS cable with FEP insulation that functions trouble-free even at extremely high temperatures. Or a hybrid cable consisting of Ethernet, CAN-BUS and power supply elements for automation technology. Other hybrid cables are used in medical technology, including X-ray applications.

Another specialty of Eltec Technology is special cables that are subject to extreme loads. These can be cable systems that are exposed to enormous heat and cold. Others must withstand an unusually large number of bending cycles or have a service life of up to 30 years. For this purpose, we develop special test equipment as well as test series and archive the documentation throughout the entire product life.

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